About Us:

Atena Women Life quality Improvement Institute is a non-governmental and a non-profit organization and holder of registration No 35202 from State Welfare Organization of Iran. It was established in 2013 and its main purpose is to prevent and interference with social harms and empower girls and women.


The key members of the Institution began their unofficial activities in 2006 by identifying, protecting, and educating deprived and vulnerable families in "Khaksefid", one of the oppressed neighborhoods of Tehran which is known for drug addiction, prostitution, and poverty. In 2011 these activities continued with permission from the Youth National Organization of Iran as a charity named "Salam Rahman". In 2013, the institution was registered in the State Welfare Organization of Iran under the name "Atena". Now after 11 years of activities about a two hundred families living in different areas of Tehran use the services of this institute in different areas like education, finance, entrepreneurship.


  • Identify the problems of women in Iran
  • Empower women in Social and financial fields
  • Help impaired and vulnerable groups of women and girls
  • Improve life quality among women and girls
  • Give support services in various aspects to women and girls
  • Increase public awareness about issues related to women and girls and their rights

Past and Ongoing Activities:

  • Supporting and empowering 200 families, and urgent patients in need,
  • Amethyst Girls Scheme: Protecting girls between 12 to 18 against social damages by group participatory training method Rooting out, research and following the problems of the children without identity cards
  • Entrepreneurship project focusing mainly on household employment for women householders with the motto of "Simplicity, Beauty and Creativity"
  • Rural development with a new approach based on facilitating, needs assessment and attracting beneficiaries contribution, Supporting acid attack victims,
  • Education, support and empowerment of domestic violence victims.

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